the start of year four

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I use to measure my life by school years, now I measure them through you. The seasons we go through. The trips that we take. I was making a list last night in my head of all the incredible things we’ve done this past year– I do this sort of thing often for when & if life gets hard.

some favorites include:

-camping in a tent in Iceland that was no longer waterproof & waking up to rain on our faces

-finding the best beignets at a food truck in Austin, TX

-all the hard conversations that make us deeper, kinder, and closer souls

-shopping at a vietnamese market in Iceland and making dinner in our little kitchen

-listening to Ben Howard driving up the coast

-getting sick of talking to each other on our road trip and turning to Harry Potter audiotapes for some much needed space

-announcing to our friends & family that we’re adopting

-taking an empty house and making it feel like ‘us’


All I know is that over and over again, I’d say I do.

Cheers to another year of living simply & adventurously.

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So beautiful! I admire and look up to your marriage so much. Happiest Anniversary to you two! Thank you for being real, authentic, raw and just listening to where the Lord leads you to go, no matter what that looks like. So many blessings to you two this year and for all of the years to come! – Mary


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