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Being a portrait photographer, you naturally hang out with lots of people, but usually those people aren’t other photographers. It’s just us in our business. Sometimes that’s hard because it would be convenient to walk over to the next cubicle and ask advice about how to handle a certain situation or collaborate on a project. This is why it’s so important to meet other photographers–to have a bit of a support system. 
I met Michelle in our business class this semester. We chatted about our new businesses, how to do taxes, whats the best way to attract clients that want your style, how we became passionate about photography, etc. Leaving class, I called Bryan and like a giddy kindergartener told him I made a new friend! And not only do we share the same love of photography, but she’s also a babe to photograph =)
michelleblog002 Michelle portraits
michelleblog003 Michelle portraits
michelleblog012 Michelle portraits
michelleblog004 Michelle portraits
michelleblog013 Michelle portraits
michelleblog006 Michelle portraits
michelleblog007 Michelle portraits
michelleblog008 Michelle portraits
michelleblog011 Michelle portraits
michelleblog009 Michelle portraits
michelleblog010 Michelle portraits

You can check out Michelle’s work here! She just put up an adorable engagement session out at the airfield =)