My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Everyone does. What do I want you to know? I want you to know that I care. I care about your moments. Remember that feeling of looking through old photographs that your parents had laying around. The kind that bring fondness, longing, tenderness, and laughter into your heart. I’m a firm believer in photographing these. The intimate moments. The in between moments. The wildly in love moments. I’m not your typical photographer—I want to be your story teller. I want to take a photo that makes you feel. Feel beautiful. Feel free. Feel intimate. Feel that life is worth living with reckless abandon. I’m an artist who loves love. I’m grateful to be the wife of an amazing man who happens to be an organic farmer. He’s my best friend and the most compassionate person I know. We try to live life simply, but adventurously.

With my whole heart, I believe that you should have a photographer who gets you. Who will care for your moments and capture them in a style that you love. We’d make a good fit if you love to dream big and live life passionately. You’re in love with your best friend and you’re looking for lasting love. You’re inspired by art that is authentic, wild, raw, and captivating. You like a good meal outside amongst the stars with your closest of loved ones. You’re inspired by impeccable style, messy hair don’t care, bare feet in the fields, and the smell of the rain.You know life is not always perfect, but it is incredibly beautiful.

If this is you. If this is your heart, I would love to tell your story.