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Day Thirteen: Sign

A little humor for today. I hate using gas station bathrooms [who does?] They are creepy and nasty beyond all belief. However, I walked into this gas station bathroom and to my surprise the owner had decorated it pink with cute lotions and pictures of Marilyn Monroe on the wall. Then I saw this half picture frame sign… so good.
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Tree Reading

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One of Bryan’s resolutions is to learn how to use my camera, so we practiced a bit this weekend.
There’s this tree back home where Bryan and I both grew up. When we were dating [and even when we were “just friends”] we spent a lot of time reading in this tree. Bryan would sit on a limb and I would lay in the green grass as one of us would read to each other. Sometimes I would join Bryan in climbing, but I tend to be more of a ground squirrel who just dreams of being a tree squirrel. 

Day Ten: Loud

This may be because my love language is surprises, but I get overly giddy when I get little notes like this. 
And on days where I feel under the weather with a lot on my plate, love is coming in loud and clear. 
Love loudly.

Day Nine: Red

It feels like summer here in Davis!!! Eep! Bryan and I just finished a dinner picnic with friends and we are elated! Nothing gets us more excited than picnics, warm evenings, and wonderful friends. It just feels good for our souls. 
Have an amazing weekend! Bryan and I are spending it outside as much as possible =) 
And listening to hilarious music from our childhood.
[Think S club 7 and 2gether]