Monthly Archives: January 2015

Garden Wedding at the Inn at Park Winters

This garden wedding at the Inn at Park Winters is one to remember. It’s a favorite venue of mine because it fits so many styles, not to mention the people that run that place are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. There’s spaces to make your wedding rustic, contemporary, 20’s garden themed, and more. There’s fields and barns, beautiful art work and antique pianos, old trucks and trees strung with hammocks. It’s truly a place to let style come out. It’s so important for my clients to chose places that really speak to who they are and what they love. When you chose a venue that is so perfectly “you” there is less that needs to be done in the way of decorating or styling. Peter and Emma knew exactly this when they got married. Their day was just simply… them.

Also, can we talk about how precious it is that they held hands and prayed together in two side by side doorways, so that they weren’t able to see each other before their ceremony. Adding in moments into your day such at that is where it’s at.

Special thanks to Nicole for being an amazing second shooter that day 🙂