Cassie and Brady // Engagement

candb-101 Cassie and Brady // Engagement engagement
 I love the small window of time I got to be in their life. Cassie and Brady are east coast natives who met in college in Utah. Newly engaged, they were visiting the west coast and thought that would make for a pretty awesome engagement shoot. Spot on, because getting pictures of Cassie touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time was awesome to witness!
But more than that, I get to witness the start of something incredible. A new start. So sincere and pure. She’s spunky and he loves her for it. He’s steadfast and she loves him for it.
Together these two fit. You can see it in how they hold each other and how they look at each other.
Somewhere in their hearts, they’ve made a place for each other. Carving out more and more room as they fall more in love with each growing day.

candb-26 Cassie and Brady // Engagement engagement


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