My cousin Josh and I were born a week apart. We had quite a few joint birthday parties back in the day. With college and the business of life, we grew apart. I always thought that someday we’d grow back together. Probably once we’ve settled down a bit. But then there’s today. And that’s not a possibility anymore. That thought is breaking my heart and the hearts of so many who loved him.
Josh unexpectedly passed away this week. News like that just throws you against a wall, takes your breath, and leaves you motionless. This week has been hard for us all. It seems the only way to get through it is together.
I miss him so much. I miss his perfect smile. I was always jealous he never needed braces… But his smile was one that lit up the faces of everyone around him. It would spread from cheek to cheek with nothing held back. When we were little and got dropped off at Sunday school, he would always stick by my side. He was the outgoing one and I was painfully shy. I felt thankful that he would make friends for us. 
Josh, thanks for introducing me to Hanson. I know I hated on them when we were little and you were obsessed, but I’ve developed a love for them in my 20’s (i know, kinda strange). I never got to tell you that. You probably hate Hanson now, so I can just imagine you laughing at me if I were to tell you. 
You never had a negative word to say about anyone and you were so much better at calling our family on birthdays than me. There are so many overwhelming great qualities that I will miss about you. Gosh, I miss you…
Josh, I hope you know that I love you. I’m sorry I didn’t make more of an effort to tell you that. Know that you are in my heart. Hope you’re skating it up in heaven.
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**Photo taken by one of Josh’s dear friends. Thank you for this.
Please, sometime this week, slow down and tell the people in your life you love them. I really wish I would have done so.

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